Travel Access Options

Travel Access Options

By Air

Mozambique’s main destinations of Maputo, Inhambane, Bazaruto Archipelago, Gorongosa National Park, Ilha de Mozambique and the Quirimbas Archipelago can be accessed by air with LAM – the national carrier of Mozambique. The airline offers domestic flights as well as international flights, connecting Mozambique with Johannesburg (South Africa) and Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) in order to facilitate connecting flights to Europe and the rest of the world. There are regular direct flights between Johannesburg and either Maputo, Inhambane, Vilanculos and Pemba with LAM. LAM is also the only airline that offers domestic flights within Mozambique between the various towns and cities.  E tickets are issued for LAM flights.

Alternatively, the South African airline Airlink also offers regular direct flights from Johannesburg to Vilanculos, Beira, Nampula and Pemba. The Airlink flights are direct flights with no stop overs whereas the LAM flights between Johannesburg and Pemba may stop over in Maputo for customs and immigration procedures.  E tickets are issued for Airlink flights.

Luggage restrictions on both LAM and Airlink are 20 kg per person.  Allowances are made for sporting and diving equipment, please reconfirm the details with your Mozambique Voyages consultant at time of booking.  

IMG00140-20110306-1059Visas can be secured at all main airports in Mozambique but this is not gauranteed as new legislation requires all travellers coming from a home country with an embassy or consulate to secure their visas prior to arrival.. We therefore strongly recommend that guests always try to arrange their required visas in advance.  The process in Mozambique can be a very long and time consuming one resulting in delays in the onward journey.  Passports need to be valid for at least six months after departure from Mozambique and have at least two blank pages in them.  Travelers should be able to show they are bona fida tourists with return flight tickets and confirmed hotel bookings.  The costs of the visa range from USD 82 - 100 and is subject to the exchange rate of the day.  Visas should be paid in cash as credit card facilities are often not available. 

Island properties and remote game lodge destinations are normally all accessed by a light aircraft transfer flights. There is a strict luggage restriction on these flights with the general rule being a maximum of 15 kg per person, including hand luggage, packed in soft luggage only. Hard cases may not be accepted and additional or overweight luggage will only be taken at the discretion of the pilot. A charge will be applicable for overweight luggage and luggage may only arrive on a secondary flight when available.

Mozambique Voyages can gladly assist with any of the required flight bookings, please contact us


By Road

Mozambique can be accessed by road from South Africa by crossing the Komatipoort / Ressano Garcia border post or alternatively the Kosi Bay border post. Kindly note that border crossings can either be a quick or a long and tedious process, with the later normally being the norm. Enough time should therefore be allowed when a border crossing is included in the day’s itinerary. The road from South Africa to Maputo, via the Komatipoort / Ressano Garcia border post, is a well maintained tarred road. The main roads in Mozambique, from Maputo up to Beira, are generally in a good condition but there are still sections that are marred by potholes and care should always be taken when driving. Sand / dirt or gravel roads should only be attempted by 4x4 vehicles unless the road is well maintained. The road network in the southern part of Mozambique, from Maputo down to Ponta do Ouro, is mainly sand roads and therefore not accessible by normal sedan vehicles – a 4x4 drive vehicle is essential.General_-_bridge_to_Ilha_de_Mozambique

A third border crossing into Mozambique from South African is the Giriyondo border post. This border crossing connects the Kruger National Park with the Great Limpopo Transfrontier National Park. The border post is generally a lot quieter than the other border posts. It is ideally suited to self drive travelers exploring Kruger and the Transfrontier Park before travelling through to the beaches of Mozambique. Giriyondo border post operates on different hours and attention should be give to this to allow for sufficient time to arrive at the border, finalize all required procedures and then still travel onto the next destination before nightfall.

We strongly advise against driving at night in Mozambique. Special attention and care should always be given to farm and / or domestic animals as these are not always fenced in and may wander across the road without notice. Quite a few roads pass through the center of small towns and villages as well. Abiding by the traffic laws and not speeding is important.  Clients who do decide to self drive should always remain on the main roads and not divert of the indicated routing.

Visas can be secured at the border posts to Mozambique but again this is not gauranteed so best to obtain visas upfront before traveling.

Mozambique Voyages can gladly assist with arranging road transfers or car rental requirements, please contact us




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