Update on Mozambique Visas

Please advise all travellers to obtain their visas prior to travelling to Mozambique as obtaining a visa on arrival at the main ports of entry may not be possible any more as authorities are becoming stricter.


General - beach landing at Ilha de Mozambique edited(2014-07-18) Foreign nationals travelling to Mozambique should be aware of newly enforced entry requirements to obtain a visa in advance of arrival in the country. With the exception of nationals from a few neighbouring countries, all foreigners travelling to the country require a visa. 

Officially, since 2003 foreigners travelling to Mozambique have been instructed to obtain a visa in advance if they are arriving from a country that has a Mozambique embassy. Travellers arriving from other countries without Mozambican representation have been able to purchase single-entry visitors’ visas valid for 30 days at the airport or other points of entry for $82. Unofficially, until recently almost all foreigners have been permitted to purchase these visas on arrival. The only factor being different from obtaining a visa in advance was that the ‘visto de fronteira’ was $25 more expensive and limited to a single entry. 

This is no longer the case. Foreigners arriving without a visa from a country with a Mozambican mission will likely be denied entry and sent to South Africa or another country on the next available flight. Many U.S. citizens have recently been denied entry and deported. The U.S. Embassy strongly recommends that all U.S. citizens obtain visas in advance from the Mozambique Embassy in Washington DC or another country. In practice, even Americans arriving from a country without a Mozambican diplomatic presence are sometimes being denied entry if arriving without a visa. 

Travellers to Mozambique should also pay careful attention to other requirements of their visas and be prepared to show any documentation which accompanied their applications. U.S. citizens have been denied entry for not being able to produce an invitation letter, other requested documentation, or correctly completed arrival forms. 

Source: United States Embassy Maputo 



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