Mozambique Visas

We have recently had several reports of travellers experiencing problems at airports (Maputo and Nampula to date) to obtain visas.  After confirming with various embassies and the national immigration office, we can advise that there has in fact been no change to the immigration legislation. What is happening is that the legislation, which was applied in a somewhat relaxed manner before in respect of border visas, is now being applied according to the letter of the law.
For reference - border visas are those visas which may be issued at airports and land borders on arrival.
Passport holders and travelers coming from countries which do not have visa exemption need to be aware of the legislation, particularly in respect of border visas (those visas which can at times be purchased on entry into the country). Border visas are only issued to people travelling for purposes of tourism, AND only for people coming from countries where there is no Mozambican consular representation.
People travelling for tourism purposes and coming from countries which do not have a Mozambican consular representation must present on entry: a passport with at least 6 months validity and several blank pages; a return air ticket (for air travelers) and a confirmed hotel reservation.  There is a possibility that a border visa will be approved on arrival for someone coming from a country with a Mozambican consulate who has not had time to apply for a visa, but only if they can demonstrate that they have an urgent need for the visa, for example on compassionate grounds. Note that the issue of a visa in this case is discretionary.
If a person is travelling for work purposes they must obtain a work or business visa before travelling.  If a person is travelling from a country which has a Mozambican consulate which issues visas then a work, business or tourism visa must be applied for before travelling.
Travellers to Mozambique should ensure that they obtain their visas prior to traveling in order to avoid any delays and frustrations at the airport on arrival.



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