Marlin Lodge: Patron Supporter of the Endangered Wildlife Trust

Marlin Lodge is proud to announce that they have officially become a Patron Supporter of the Endangered Wildlife Trust. (EWT).

The EWT will soon be launching their Dugong Emergency Protection project from the forthcoming guest and community Interactive Environmental Centre (exclusively) based at Marlin Lodge. The Management and team of Marlin Lodge are thrilled that the Lodge will soon host EWT’s Dugong Project manager as an in-house conservation expert to inform & educate guests about the surrounding marine environment, and the resident Endangered Dugongs. This will provide guests with an opportunity to experience the wonder and fragility of East Africa’s last viable Dugong population.

This association enables the team at Marlin Lodge, together with the support of visiting guests, to enhance the protection of one of Africa’s most endangered marine mammals, and will allow education of their community and guests to foster this worthy and critical cause.



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