Silversmiths of Ibo Island

Ibo_JewelleryA visit to Ibo Island is not complete without spending some time with the revered traditional Silversmiths.  Using age old Arabian techniques the Silversmiths hand craft exquisite intricate jewellery that are a delight not only to wear but also to view the craftsmanship.  Ibo Island has been a port to Chinese, British, Indian and Portuguese explorers over the decades and the blend and influence of these cultures can be seen in the designs of the Ibo jewellery.

Guests to the island are welcome to bring along unwanted old silver jewellery from home which can then be melted down and hand crafted into an original Ibo jewellery item by one of the resident Silversmiths.

Look out for Ibo Island Lodge Itineraries, on our Packages page, that includes the Silversmith Experience!




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