Unabridged Birth Certificate Law

Unabridged Birth Certificate Law

From the 1st of June 2015 every traveller under the age of 18 will have to take an unabridged birth certificate along with them. No passenger will therefore be allowed to travel without these papers- be it by land, sea or air.child-492562 640

This does NOT apply to minors travelling through the country on domestic flights or cruise-liners who only stay within the borders of the country. However- if travelling in sports & school groups or with grandparents- these documents ARE required.

And before panicking: It also does NOT apply for travellers who are in direct international transit, passing through SA’s international airports. (This was originally planned but due to the fact that it would have had too many impacts on the tourism industry of the neighbouring countries it has been changed again)

So this means in case one parent is travelling with a child the following items will have to be brought along:

  • An Unabridged Birth Certificate showing both parent’s details
  • A new affidavit (within the last three months) in which the inattentive parent gives agreement for the child to travel, or a court order permitting full parental responsibilities or legal supervision of the child.
  • a Death Certificate, in the case if one parent is no longer alive.

In case you are travelling with a child of which you are not the biological parent, please do not forget to bring along the following:

  • An Unabridged Birth Certificate showing the details of both parents
  • A new affidavit from the father and mother or legal guardians proving an agreement for the child to travel with you
  • Copies of the identity documents or passports of the biological parents or legal guardians
  • The contact details of the mother and father or legal guardians

If a minor under the age of 18 is travelling alone without any adult supervision, please make sure the that the following documents are produced:

  • An Unabridged Birth Certificate showing the details of the mother and father
  • A new affidavit from the parents or legal guardians proving permission for the minor to travel alone, as well as all the contact details
  • Certification relating to the individual receiving the minor in South Africa: a letter which include the individual’s contact details and residential address, as well as a copy of his or her ID document, passport or residence permit.

Visas no longer obtainable on arrival in Mozambique


PRESS RELEASE - LAM (Air Mozambique)


The following information applies to Citizens and Nationals of ALL COUNTRIES, except citizens of the following countries: Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe as they do not require an entry visa, when traveling to Mozambique for Tourism.

Mozambique visas are no longer available on arrival, and must be obtained in advance.

You may obtain your visa at your nearest Mozambique Consulate / Embassy or kindly contact the Mozambique High Commission in Pretoria for further assistance on 012 401 0300/04 if there is no representative in your country. Thank you for your continued support.

Update on Mozambique Visas

Please advise all travellers to obtain their visas prior to travelling to Mozambique as obtaining a visa on arrival at the main ports of entry may not be possible any more as authorities are becoming stricter.


General - beach landing at Ilha de Mozambique edited(2014-07-18) Foreign nationals travelling to Mozambique should be aware of newly enforced entry requirements to obtain a visa in advance of arrival in the country. With the exception of nationals from a few neighbouring countries, all foreigners travelling to the country require a visa. 

Officially, since 2003 foreigners travelling to Mozambique have been instructed to obtain a visa in advance if they are arriving from a country that has a Mozambique embassy. Travellers arriving from other countries without Mozambican representation have been able to purchase single-entry visitors’ visas valid for 30 days at the airport or other points of entry for $82. Unofficially, until recently almost all foreigners have been permitted to purchase these visas on arrival. The only factor being different from obtaining a visa in advance was that the ‘visto de fronteira’ was $25 more expensive and limited to a single entry. 

This is no longer the case. Foreigners arriving without a visa from a country with a Mozambican mission will likely be denied entry and sent to South Africa or another country on the next available flight. Many U.S. citizens have recently been denied entry and deported. The U.S. Embassy strongly recommends that all U.S. citizens obtain visas in advance from the Mozambique Embassy in Washington DC or another country. In practice, even Americans arriving from a country without a Mozambican diplomatic presence are sometimes being denied entry if arriving without a visa. 

Travellers to Mozambique should also pay careful attention to other requirements of their visas and be prepared to show any documentation which accompanied their applications. U.S. citizens have been denied entry for not being able to produce an invitation letter, other requested documentation, or correctly completed arrival forms. 

Source: United States Embassy Maputo 

Mozambique Visas

We have recently had several reports of travellers experiencing problems at airports (Maputo and Nampula to date) to obtain visas.  After confirming with various embassies and the national immigration office, we can advise that there has in fact been no change to the immigration legislation. What is happening is that the legislation, which was applied in a somewhat relaxed manner before in respect of border visas, is now being applied according to the letter of the law.
For reference - border visas are those visas which may be issued at airports and land borders on arrival.
Passport holders and travelers coming from countries which do not have visa exemption need to be aware of the legislation, particularly in respect of border visas (those visas which can at times be purchased on entry into the country). Border visas are only issued to people travelling for purposes of tourism, AND only for people coming from countries where there is no Mozambican consular representation.
People travelling for tourism purposes and coming from countries which do not have a Mozambican consular representation must present on entry: a passport with at least 6 months validity and several blank pages; a return air ticket (for air travelers) and a confirmed hotel reservation.  There is a possibility that a border visa will be approved on arrival for someone coming from a country with a Mozambican consulate who has not had time to apply for a visa, but only if they can demonstrate that they have an urgent need for the visa, for example on compassionate grounds. Note that the issue of a visa in this case is discretionary.
If a person is travelling for work purposes they must obtain a work or business visa before travelling.  If a person is travelling from a country which has a Mozambican consulate which issues visas then a work, business or tourism visa must be applied for before travelling.
Travellers to Mozambique should ensure that they obtain their visas prior to traveling in order to avoid any delays and frustrations at the airport on arrival.

Airlink's scheduled flights to Pemba

Airlink will add a Monday and Friday flight to its weekly schedule from 27 August to 21 September and 10 October to 14 December 2012. Flights depart Johannesburg at 11h10 arriving in Pemba at 14h00 and depart Pemba at 14h30 arriving at Johannesburg at 17h25. The additional flights, which compliment Airlink’s current schedule which operates on Wednesdays and Saturdays, will also use one of Airlink’s 11 Embraer ERJ135 37 seat regional jets.

Effective 01 October 2012 - time change for all flights between Johannesburg and Pemba.

* Departs Johannesburg 11h30 and arriving Pemba 14h20

* Departing Pemba 14h55 and arrives Johannesburg 17h20

The Pemba destination has been seeing increasing interest following the significant gas finds offshore in the Mozambican channel north of Pemba. A number of new hotel properties have opened in the region to serve both the growing leisure and the gas/oil industry.

Airlink works closely with SAA to ensure seamless service for corporate and leisure travellers visiting Pemba. Benefits for Airlink travellers include Voyager Miles and convenient interline connections with SAA and its Star Alliance partner flights locally and globally.

Mozambique Voyages opens Maputo Office

276_editedMozambique Voyages is proud to announce the opening of their new Maputo Office in Maputo, Mozambique.  The office is the result of the new collaboration of three key role players in the tourism industry – being Martijn Mellaart (Uitkyk Holidays / Mozambique Voyages), Chris Welthagen (Echo Africa Safaris & Transfers) and Bernardo Dramos (former CEO of the Mozambique Tourism Board).

The decision to form the joint venture, and set up a Maputo office under the Mozambique Voyages banner, was a logical step for all three as they are equally passionate and determined to make Mozambique a leading tourism destination. 

Bernardo Dramos is a well known figure in Maputo’s tourism and marketing circles and continues to be actively involved with tourism in the country, both as tourism property owner and in his role as former CEO of the Mozambique Tourism Board INATUR.  Chris Welthagen founded Echo Africa Safaris & Transfers in 2000 and since then the company has grown into the leading Safari Operators in Mpumalanga, compromising of a fleet of 32 vehicles.  Echo Africa has also been working closely with the Pestana Hotel Group for the past several years to provide exceptional safari experiences to their guests in Maputo and the Kruger Park.  Martijn Mellaart founded Uitkyk Holidays in 1998 and started promoting tourism to Mozambique when the country was only starting to open its doors to international travelers and holidaymakers.  Over the years the company has become the leading Inbound Tour Operator to Mozambique with in depth product knowledge.  In 2008 Uitkyk Holidays opened a separate division under the name Mozambique Voyages, to specialize in Mozambique travel.

The Maputo office will offer an extension of the services already provided by both Echo Africa Safaris & Transfers and Mozambique Voyages respectively.   The services will include, but are not limited to:

Meet & Greet at Maputo Airport
Airport transfers
Tailor made holiday packages
Groups & Incentives
Safaris & Maputo City Tours
Corporate Travel

The official opening of the new Mozambique Voyages office in Maputo will be held at Indaba 2012.  Further queries or information requests can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or feel free to visit the stand at Indaba – ICC F018.

Unusual sightings at Nuarro Beach Lodge

Nuarro Beach Lodge is well known for the stunning experiences guests have with the creatures of the sea.  From the beautiful sightings enjoyed during a snorkel off the main beach, the the majestic Humpback whales that come into the bay with their young calves in season. 

However today the guests, staff and local residents were very surprised by the newest and most unusual sighting ever in the sea!!  Life remains full of surprises!!


If the walls could talk...

For lovers of history and architecture, northern Mozambique is an ideal destination.  The islands of Ibo and Ilha de Mozambique specifically are rich in both and guided tours can be taken to explore and photograph buildings that are hundreds of years old.  Even more impressive are the stories told by your guides of the history of the buildings, some good and some very sad. 

Ilha_-_the_old_ChurchOn Ibo you can view forts, trade warehouses, private homes (some in ruins and other lovingly restored), a hospital that use to be the best in the southern hemisphere and churches to name a few places.  The "Cowrie shell" house tells the tale of a woman who decorated the front wall of her house with a cowrie shell for every day her husband was absent.  The story goes that she was crazy - and whether she was crazy because her husband left her alone for so long or if he left her alone because she was crazy remains a mystery.

The Fort of São João Batista, constructed in 1791, is still an impressive sight to behold today.  Its history is filled with tales of sieges, slave trading and infamous interrogations.  Today its occupied by local artists that sell their hand made crafts to tourists.  The silversmiths based here created some of the most beautiful handmade silver jewellery and is well worth the visit. 

Ilha has a rich selection of statues, forts, the Vasco de Gama Museum and many other sights to behold.  My favourite was the old Catholic Church built opposite Ilha de Mozambique.  Its reported that this church was constructed in 1575 and is the oldest in the southern hemisphere.  Although in a poor state of disrepair, the building is still very impressive and one can only imagine what tales it could tell if its walls could talk


Azura at Quilalea - paradise rediscovered!

I had the pleasure of recently spending two nights at the newly re-opened Azura at Quilalea.  The little island is part of the Quirimbas Archipelago, surrounded by the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, and a delight to stay at.  There is something for everyone - including superb snorkeling right off the main beach, adventurous kayaking around the island, walking trails, giant old baobab trees and a rich diversity of bird life. 

North_Moz_Trip_Nov_2011_387_smallThe Azura brand ensure that the highest level of guest service is given at all times -  from the warmest of welcomes on arrival to a special surprise gift from the Lodge and not forgetting a special private venue selected each night just for you by your Villa host to sit back and enjoy your cocktail sundowner drink and savour the sunset. 

Dining is an experience on its own as the chef and his team endeavour to present you with a variety of fresh, flavourful and utterly delicious dishes at every meal time.  The most difficult thing is to decide just what to have as all the options are mouthwatering. 

The rooms are tastefully decorated and cater for all creature comforts. No expenses has been spared to ensure that guests enjoy a most memorable stay.

The Lodge is a perfect destination for honeymooners or for someone looking for a special place for a special occasion. 

Azura at Quilalea is most definitely paradise rediscovered!

Girassol Chitengo Tourist Camp

Source: Gorongosa National Park Newsletter

The Ministry of Tourism of Mozambique (MITUR) and the Gorongosa Restoration Project (GRP) are pleased to announce that the Visabeira Group - operator of the Girassol hotels in Mozambique and Angola - has been selected to manage the Tourist Camp of Chitengo - the largest Tourism facility inside Gorongosa National Park.

Gorongosa_-_new_cabanaThe camp at Girassol Chitengo currently offers accommodations for 78 guests in cabanas and bungalows, a camping area and a vast network of trails for safaris. The camp also offers a restaurant, swimming pool, gift shop, walking areas and many tourist activities within the Gorongosa National Park. The Park has been recently expanded to include the peaks and rainforests of Mount Gorongosa.

MITUR and the GRP will work with the Visabeira Group to further develop the Park as one of the fastest growing tourist areas within Mozambique.The Visabeira Group will invest $2 million dollars in renovations, new lodging, and tourist facilities in order to help the GRP restore Chitengo and Gorongosa to its historical position as one of Africa's leading National Parks.

The Visabeira Group, SGPS, SA, was created in 1980 and it is today a multinational holding organized in five sub-holdings (Visabeira Global, Visabeira Indústria, Visabeira Turismo, Visabeira Imobiliária and Visabeira Participações Financeiras), with a well known presence in nine countries, trading its products and services in more than fifty nations, all over the world.

The Girassol Chitengo will become part of the Girassol hotels chain portfolio in Mozambique which includes hotels, aparthotels, tourist camps, resorts, catering and restaurants, all devoted to leisure and business tourism.  

The Ministry of Tourism of Mozambique and Gorongosa Restoration Project wish to congratulate the Visabeira Group, who pledges to ensure that all projects will adhere to the Park's high ecological standards for protecting the ecosystem and generating local employment, while establishing a sustainable tourism industry.

Marlin Lodge: Patron Supporter of the Endangered Wildlife Trust

Marlin Lodge is proud to announce that they have officially become a Patron Supporter of the Endangered Wildlife Trust. (EWT).

The EWT will soon be launching their Dugong Emergency Protection project from the forthcoming guest and community Interactive Environmental Centre (exclusively) based at Marlin Lodge. The Management and team of Marlin Lodge are thrilled that the Lodge will soon host EWT’s Dugong Project manager as an in-house conservation expert to inform & educate guests about the surrounding marine environment, and the resident Endangered Dugongs. This will provide guests with an opportunity to experience the wonder and fragility of East Africa’s last viable Dugong population.

This association enables the team at Marlin Lodge, together with the support of visiting guests, to enhance the protection of one of Africa’s most endangered marine mammals, and will allow education of their community and guests to foster this worthy and critical cause.

First Whale Sightings of the Season

From Nuarro Beach Lodge, Ilha de Mozambique area:

"I am delighted to announce the whale watching season at Nuarro has officially started with the first sighting by guests from their breakfast table! From now until late November, we can enjoy regular breaching displays by nuarro_6these magnificent creatures as they protect and nurture their young calves in our sheltered bay.   It brings back happy memories of my 6 nights stay in October and the incredible experience of swimming with a mother and her calf and I wonder if any of the guests will be lucky enough to get the chance to do the same.    Most guests are content to watch these fantastic creatures and their incredible display of breaching in the bay from the comfort of their private verandah or with a drink in hand relaxing by the bar. However, the more intrepid have enjoyed kayaking and diving between them as they show their splendid yet gentle strength. "

Airlink increases flights to Nampula

Starting September 1, Airlink will increase the number of flights between Johannesburg and Nampula from three to four flights a week.  The additional direct flight will operate on Thursdays, complementing the current flight schedule on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.  All flights are operated by 37-seat Embraer 135 regional jets.

Flights depart Johannesburg at 11h05, arriving in Nampula at 13h35. The return service departs Nampula at 14h40 arriving in Johannesburg at 16h45 to connect with domestic and international inbound and outbound flights.

Also starting September 1, Airlink will offer more seats on the direct service between Johannesburg and Tete due to demand, using the 83-seat AVRO85 regional jet on Thursdays, in addition to the current Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday schedule.  Flights depart Johannesburg at 10h50, arriving in Tete at 12h55.  Flights depart Tete at 13h40, arriving JNB at 16h00 offering seamless connections with domestic and international inbound and outbound flights.

Source: Tourism Update

LAM passes IATA Safety Audit

Mozambique Airlines (LAM) has obtained “highly satisfactory” results from the latest IATA (International Air Transport Association) Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), according to a LAM press release received by AIM on Monday.

The audit was held from 6-10 June. According to sources in the audit, quoted by the release, “the assessment held shows clearly that LAM is a company which in its operations complies with the technical and operational requirements established in the civil aviation industry. It is thus a safe company that its clients can trust”.

IOSA is the internationally accepted and recognised audit system for civil aviation. 370 air companies, accounting for 93 per cent of world air traffic have IOSA certification.

The audit looks at an airline’s business organisation and management system, flight operations, operational control, aircraft engineering and maintenance, cabin operations, ground assistance, cargo operations and operational safety.  This is LAM’s third consecutive IOSA certificate. It was first certified in 2008, then again in 2009, and now in 2011.

Despite this result, LAM is still not allowed to operate within the airspace of the European Union. Perversely, the European Commission paid no attention to the IOSA certification, or to LAM’s impressive safety record, when it decided in April to ban all Mozambican air companies from flying to Europe.

In a press statement, the Commission announced that “all air carriers certified in Mozambique have been banned from flying into the EU ... because of significant safety deficiencies requiring decisive action”.  But these “safety deficiencies” were at the level, not of the air companies, but of the regulator, the Mozambican Civil Aviation Institute (IACM).

Despite the ban, LAM continues to fly to Europe, because its twice weekly flights from Maputo to Lisbon are operated under a “wet lease” agreement with a Portuguese ompany, EuroAtlantic Airways, which is not covered by the ban.




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